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The Day the Sun Didn’t Rise and Shine

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A philosophical picture book to both ponder and enjoy

What would happen if the sun never rose again?
One night, while half asleep, Owl takes a wrong turn on his way home. Without noticing, he walks into an attic. There he awaits the dawn of day, but the sun does not rise. Owl begins to seriously worry. How can the world cope without the sun?
What Owl doesn’t see – but the viewer does – is that the sun outside is rising and is peeping through the attic window. Only when the light hits a mirror, does Owl realise that everything is alright.


‘This book is so nice. The funniest part is where the Owl tells the sun to ‘Wakey, wakey!’ It is nice in other ways too. I like what the pictures are drawn with and I like all the toys and the furniture. It is funny how the Owl is confused and how he tries to wake the sun.’
– Kidsbookbuzz, reviewed by Raif, age 5

– Kidsbookbuzz, reviewed by Raif, age 5

‘Enzerink’s premise is clever … The fun is in Rauwerda’s painterly illustrations; warm and beautifully composed, they teem with child-friendly details that clue readers in to Owl’s mistake. This Dutch import offers a sweet and funny twist on the bedtime book.’
– Kirkus

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€ 7,50

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