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Dear Daisy Dunnington

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Bogged down by her mother's insults and demands, Daisy Dunnington allows her imagination to run wild when she receives an unexpected letter in the mail and ponders the good fortunes its contents could contain

A picture book about how dreams and imagination can fill even the grayest of lives with sparkling colors.

Poor Daisy Dunnington is her demanding mother's drudge. But then one day an unexpected letter drops on the doormat addressed to her. What can it be? Who can be writing to her? Perhaps it's from the queen's servant, explaining that she is really a princess, or is it from a movie producer, inviting her to play the lead role in his next film? As Daisy dreams all the possible lives she could have, she makes up her mind. Without even opening the letter, she leaves, heading for a more colorful future. Dear Daisy Dunnington is a book full of imagination and hope.

Very rarely has a picture book drawn the reader into a What if..? so strongly.

In beautiful illustrations, Chuck Groenink portrays the different exotic possibilities, each featuring another epistolary scenario.

A book that celebrates the power of the imagination

This downtrodden Cinderella decides to be her own fairy godmother after imagining the possibilities

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€ 7,50

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